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Treetops piece for Vice

Any street skater who’s visited Wellington will know and love Treetops. A handful of ledges on a crusty carpark on a hill above Newtown has evolved into a super-smooth, ever-changing DIY spot that is regulated and cared for by a dedicated bunch of locals.

What else? with Jesse Noonan for Acclaim

In What else? I interview some of my favourite skaters about what they do when they’re not riding their skateboard. My next subject is skate coach Jesse Noonan.

Tino Razo interview for Heavytime Books

Last year when I was in LA, I was lucky enough to meet Tino Razo and interview him about his great book of pool photos ‘Party in the Back’.

Treetops and Bananaman

The two campervans are a permanent fixture to the Treetops carpark. They’re bigger than campervans, actually – they’re homes on wheels. I’ve seen the curtains move, so I know they’re inhabited. I wonder what the deal is, who the people are, if the council minds. It does seem like a little tucked-away part of Wellington…

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An interview with Illegal Civilization’s Mikey Alfred

Right down the line

Need any help?


Spectated: The Vans Pro Skate Park Series St Kilda for Vice

I blogged the Vans competition for Vice Sports.

Slam Skateboarding Magazine #210

I have a couple of stories (and photos!) in the new improved Slam Magazine.

The Guy Stokes Channel Xmas Bash

The Guy Stokes Channel Xmas Bash was the most enjoyable skate competition I’ve ever attended. Callum and Conna did a great job organising the event, which was held on Australia Day at the curbs on the south end of Edinburgh Gardens, and which seemed like a joke to begin with, but was actually really fun and exciting. There…

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10 things that have changed since the ‘90s

If you haven’t noticed, the ‘90s are back in a big way. Your pants are two sizes too big, you’ve dusted off your parents’ VHS camera and your favourite skater is Sean Sheffey. Great, right? So great. But the 2015 version of 1993 is a bit different to the real thing. I was…

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