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Cleaner Anxiety

The Design Files invited me to write one of their Monthly Musings columns. I accepted immediately and wrote this piece about my struggle with the idea of having a cleaner. Hilarity (and several encouraging comments) ensued. And yes, Tina the cleaner read and enjoyed it.

Eric Dressen

Aggressive, fast and loose, Eric Dressen’s style of skating is one you can see echoes of in many of today’s top pros. Now a world-renowned tattooist, designer and illustrator, Eric still lives and breathes skateboarding. I had a brief chat with him on his last night in our country, at the end of a tour…

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Acting like an adult

I wrote this story not long before Fred was born and I was freaking out about becoming a father and a grown up and all that stuff. It was published by Vice.

Ten days in lycra

I wanted to know why people like dressing in lycra and riding expensive bikes around, so I gave it a try, and wrote this story about the experience. It was published in the Broadsheet newspaper, then republished online.

Shannon’s hill

The phone booth shone like a beacon from the top of the hill, illuminating the street in a fluorescent glow. We always stopped to check it for coins on our way to the shops. Then we rolled back, salt and vinegars and one point two five litre cokes in hand, the lines in the…

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Shaun Gladwell’s Morning of the Earth

I’m not a big fan of Shaun Gladwell, but as a skater, I’m constantly aware of his work. I got to speak to him and while I still think he’s a bit of a kook, he was friendly enough.

The longest and the loudest


I wrote this story about my friend Brett, who is the funniest person I have ever met. It was published by Vice as the first instalment of my Classic Max column.

Bill Henson: The In-Betweener

Perched on a milk crate in the Broadsheet storage room, I spoke to Bill Henson on the phone for about half an hour. It was amazing!