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Cindy Sherman interview for Vice

I was lucky enough to meet one of the greatest artists alive, and interview her for Vice.

NYABF Dispatches for Supply Store

An interview with Illegal Civilization’s Mikey Alfred

A Very Loving Taxonomy Of ABC’s ‘The Late Show’

Need any help?

Acclaim for Bluey

Spectated: The Vans Pro Skate Park Series St Kilda for Vice

I blogged the Vans competition for Vice Sports.

Acclaim magazine #35

The new issue of Acclaim magazine looks really nice. I have a story in there about a poet who tried to sell me a bike.

Slam Skateboarding Magazine #210

I have a couple of stories (and photos!) in the new improved Slam Magazine.

Unemployable review

Though it pains me to say, I didn’t love Unemployable, Jason Boulter’s 700 page history of Melbourne-born skate juggernaut Globe International.

Doing Time With Tas Pappas

I spoke to ex-pro skater Tas Pappas about what it was like in prison. I went to his house one morning and spoke to him for an hour or so, then I copied it down and it was published in a really good issue of Vice magazine, then online.

A conversation about conversations with Marc Maron

I was very excited and nervous to interview Marc Maron, as he’s sort of the voice in my head. This piece was published by Broadsheet.