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New Zealand holiday part 2

As promised, here are some more photos from our New Zealand adventure, but these ones were shot on my film camera. Ah, film. Ah, nostalgia. Ah, the good old days. Right?

This first photo was taken in the terminal for the Interislander – the ferry that runs back and forth over the Cook Strait between…

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New Zealand holiday part 1

We just got back from New Zealand, where we were on holiday for what seemed like ages. The jaunt centred around a week-long trip to Awaroa in the Abel Tasman national park with a few days on either side in Wellington, but when we were booking the tickets, we were like, ‘well, we may as well leave…

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Old year, old blog

We’re all pretty excited about this new website, but let’s just take a moment to remember the old blog, which I kicked off in 2007 after Myspace ‘died’. Myspace, of course, was home to Andrew Prior’s blog. Prior really opened up on that thing; it was beautiful. That inspired me to start ‘blogging’,…

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Christmas at home

We stayed home for Christmas this year, which seemed like a good idea going in, but as the holy day drew near, we became sad. ‘It just doesn’t feel like Christmas,’ I said to Rosie as we moped around the house, playing with Fred or waiting for Fred to wake up, or sitting on…

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Photos from Sydney and photos in general

Like a lot of people, I’m obsessed with photography. I love taking photos and I love thinking about them. Though I’ve tried to approach it more as an art practice and think of images as part of series, I don’t think my brain is structured that way – I just take photos of what I…

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This is a zine I made with a short story and accompanying photos. It’s about taking Fred and Tess for a walk, and looking for a coffee, and the repetition of life, and finding comfort in that, and … busting for the toilet.

Acting like an adult

I wrote this story not long before Fred was born and I was freaking out about becoming a father and a grown up and all that stuff. It was published by Vice.