Max Olijnyk

What else? with Caeylen Norris for Acclaim

In What else? I interview some of my favourite skaters about what they do when they’re not riding their skateboard. My first subject is Melbourne’s Caeylen Norris.

Life on a Japanese Indigo Farm for Acclaim

Tino Razo interview for Heavytime Books

Last year when I was in LA, I was lucky enough to meet Tino Razo and interview him about his great book of pool photos ‘Party in the Back’.

Smith Journal volume 22

For this issue of SJ, I wrote an article about a guy who runs a private museum filled with dead people and limbs and other weird stuff. I also wrote some hilarious product reviews.

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Return of the Max

Reading at NGV Art Book Fair 2017

Flying Nun’s Roger Shepherd interview for Smith Journal

Camping with Ken on Vice

Interview with Penny Modra in the last ever ThreeThousand

I met Penny when I started contributing to ThreeThousand many years ago. She ended up giving me a job there after I was hit by a truck, and we became great workmates and friends. And now, an interview Penny did with me about my book is appearing in the last ever…

Acclaim issue 36 out now

I was the guest editor for the latest (and greatest) issue of Acclaim magazine. There’s so much good stuff in there!

Interview with Jason Crombie for Monster Children

From knowing (and loving) Crombie’s writing you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s a real smart-ass prick. You’d be right, but he’s also a real sweetheart. He interviewed me recently.

Cindy Sherman interview for Vice

I was lucky enough to meet one of the greatest artists alive, and interview her for Vice.