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Andrew Prior, 2007

Andrew Prior, 2007

We’re all pretty excited about this new website, but let’s just take a moment to remember the old blog, which I kicked off in 2007 after Myspace ‘died’. Myspace, of course, was home to Andrew Prior’s blog.
Prior really opened up on that thing; it was beautiful. That inspired me to start ‘blogging’, and here we are, in the post-blog landscape of 2016. I will continue to blog here on this beautiful website that Sam made me, as well as posting my writing, photography, things to buy and general stuff. As for the old blog, it will forever be linked up there to the right as ‘ARCHIVE’.

I had a quick scroll through some of the posts. A real trip down memory lane.

Tom and Sam at the Fully Flared premiere, 2007

Tom and Sam at the Fully Flared premiere, 2007. I forgot how exciting that was.


And here they are in 2015, popping corks out of fancy bottles of beer at Knox skatepark. How things change.

This is the first video featured on my blog, fittingly a co-production between Prior and myself. Prior’s day follows a group of us around for the day, in which we skate and stuff. But it’s more interesting than it sounds.

This is the most recent video from my oeuvre, When Will I See You Again? Though Prior is nowhere to be seen, we’re still out skating, and stuff, and it’s still more interesting than it sounds.

080411_3597 (2)

Remember when I got hit by a truck and nearly died?


Remember when Freddie was born? All the major life events.


I remember driving all the way out to this oval to watch Georgia and co. play in a football game.


Turns out that football game was in the park next to where we live now! There’s Tyke in a tree.


How about the time I went to a banjo jamboree with my housemates and met Rosie?


And who can forget when I busted Tess out of the big house (for the first time)?

Man, I could go on and on.


Hahaa, I just read that one when Joey threw Jason’s board into a garden centre one night, then ripped his pants climbing over the fence to retrieve it, then broke Jason’s board and threw half of it under a passing truck? Forgot about that one. Hehehe. Oh man.


Looking back, I sure do like getting drunk and having adventures. How about this time when Martin was in town and we ended up using a laneway as a slip’n’slide then ended up in my studio playing songs to Jason Dill??


Marti and Haidee live in Sweden now, out in the middle of bloody nowhere. Remember when we visited them?


On the same trip we stayed with Siggy and Charlotte in London, and on my birthday I: had breakfast at Ottolenghi, went street skating in LONDON, then had a surprise party thrown for me!



It’s been over five years since we went to New York! I plan to rectify this sad state of affairs, later this year.




Oh it’s just me on a bus stop.


Rosie in front of the house we own in Featherston, NZ, before we did a lightning (and very good) renovation on it. Man!

There’s a lot there, and it’s not going anywhere. Hopefully I’ll keep documenting things as thoroughly from here, hereon in. I’m not sure how to wind this post up. Oh yes.


Here’s a photo I took yesterday of Fred with one of his balls. I promise to keep on having adventures, and even to get drunk occasionally.

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