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My Melbourne weekend

My Melbourne weekend from Max Olijnyk on Vimeo.


I spent the weekend skating and catching up with some dear friends in Melbourne.

Smith Journal volume 24

In this issue I spoke to the people behind the first 3D printers in space, interviewed the amazing Randy Newman and reviewed some strange products.

‘Some Stories’ review on The Lifted Brow

‘Reading Olijnyk talk about a day out skating was as interesting to me as reading many fantastical works of fiction. I suppose that’s because it’s really good writing.’

Rebecca Varcoe’s very nice review of my book is online at The Lifted Brow.

Smith Journal volume 23

For this issue of SJ, I wrote an article about a guy who recorded the sound of katabatic winds in Antarctica. I also wrote some hilarious product reviews.

Smith Journal volume 22

For this issue of SJ, I wrote an article about a guy who runs a private museum filled with dead people and limbs and other weird stuff. I also wrote some hilarious product reviews.

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Reading at NGV Art Book Fair 2017

Acclaim issue 36 out now

I was the guest editor for the latest (and greatest) issue of Acclaim magazine. There’s so much good stuff in there!

Some Stories pre-order

I wrote some stories and put them together with some others that I already wrote, and realised I had enough for a (little) book. The cover I came up with was sort of funny, but in the end I asked Ed if he could do it. Not only did he come up with a great…

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Review – Jim’s Greek Tavern

We had a work dinner over the road at Jim’s, and it was really funny.