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Tolaga Bay

I had driven grumpily the whole day. It all started at the playground in Wairoa, where Fred had fallen and squealed in terror as his skin fried on the gleaming hot metal floor of a merry-go-round and I just stood, useless, waiting for the stupid thing to rotate the whole way around so I could run into the…

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Out the window

‘I had intentions of keeping a travel diary during my ten days or so in New York, but all that fell out the window as soon as I got there.’ – me This book has a selection of the thousands of photos I took while on my working holiday to America in September 2016. I…

Slam Skateboarding Magazine #210

I have a couple of stories (and photos!) in the new improved Slam Magazine.

Freddie Says #2

Freddie says: ‘This grass is always green’

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Photos from Sydney and photos in general

Like a lot of people, I’m obsessed with photography. I love taking photos and I love thinking about them. Though I’ve tried to approach it more as an art practice and think of images as part of series, I don’t think my brain is structured that way – I just take photos of what I…

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Noble Park

I’ve been hearing about this Noble Park place for a while now. ‘It’s amazing!’ people say. ‘It’s huge!’ say others. So one night I went out there after work with French, Trent and Alex. We met up with Joey, Keegan and a few others out there – Shane O’Neill was even there, floating around with…

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This is a zine I made with a short story and accompanying photos. It’s about taking Fred and Tess for a walk, and looking for a coffee, and the repetition of life, and finding comfort in that, and … busting for the toilet.

Bill Henson: The In-Betweener

Perched on a milk crate in the Broadsheet storage room, I spoke to Bill Henson on the phone for about half an hour. It was amazing!