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Out the window

‘I had intentions of keeping a travel diary during my ten days or so in New York, but all that fell out the window as soon as I got there.’ – me This book has a selection of the thousands of photos I took while on my working holiday to America in September 2016. I…

Slam Skateboarding Magazine #210

I have a couple of stories (and photos!) in the new improved Slam Magazine.

Freddie Says #2

Freddie says: ‘This grass is always green’

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Photos from Sydney and photos in general

Like a lot of people, I’m obsessed with photography. I love taking photos and I love thinking about them. Though I’ve tried to approach it more as an art practice and think of images as part of series, I don’t think my brain is structured that way – I just take photos of what I…

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Noble Park

I’ve been hearing about this Noble Park place for a while now. ‘It’s amazing!’ people say. ‘It’s huge!’ say others. So one night I went out there after work with French, Trent and Alex. We met up with Joey, Keegan and a few others out there – Shane O’Neill was even there, floating around with…

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This is a zine I made with a short story and accompanying photos. It’s about taking Fred and Tess for a walk, and looking for a coffee, and the repetition of life, and finding comfort in that, and … busting for the toilet.

Bill Henson: The In-Betweener

Perched on a milk crate in the Broadsheet storage room, I spoke to Bill Henson on the phone for about half an hour. It was amazing!