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Freddie Says #1

Freddie says: ‘You can stay cool with this hose.’

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Old year, old blog

We’re all pretty excited about this new website, but let’s just take a moment to remember the old blog, which I kicked off in 2007 after Myspace ‘died’. Myspace, of course, was home to Andrew Prior’s blog. Prior really opened up on that thing; it was beautiful. That inspired me to start ‘blogging’,…

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Christmas at home

We stayed home for Christmas this year, which seemed like a good idea going in, but as the holy day drew near, we became sad. ‘It just doesn’t feel like Christmas,’ I said to Rosie as we moped around the house, playing with Fred or waiting for Fred to wake up, or sitting on…

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Noble Park

I’ve been hearing about this Noble Park place for a while now. ‘It’s amazing!’ people say. ‘It’s huge!’ say others. So one night I went out there after work with French, Trent and Alex. We met up with Joey, Keegan and a few others out there – Shane O’Neill was even there, floating around with…

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