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Some Stories 4th edition

For the fourth reprint of my book, I decided to add a few more stories that cover our spell in Wellington, in 2016. I also changed the cover to an indigo blue. Collect them all!

You can buy one here.

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Return of the Max

Melbourne book launch

Looking forward to this!

I’ll be doing a reading from my book, as well as presenting a slide show of photographs taken over the years. Books will be available too.

It will be at Reading Room, a new creation from my great friend Olivia, located in the eccentric and prestigious Nicholas Building.

If you’re in…

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American holiday part two: New York

As mentioned in my LA blog, I had intentions of keeping a travel diary during my ten days or so in New York, but all that fell out the window as soon as I got there. It really is a fantastic place, more exciting and endlessly fascinating than anywhere I’ve been, but it is so involving, so…

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American holiday part one: Los Angeles

I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks stateside. What follows is some photos, a clip and some observations from my time in LA, which bookended my New York trip. The words are some excerpts from my travel diary, which I kept faithfully for three days before landing in New York and letting everything go out…

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Treetops and Bananaman

The two campervans are a permanent fixture to the Treetops carpark. They’re bigger than campervans, actually – they’re homes on wheels. I’ve seen the curtains move, so I know they’re inhabited. I wonder what the deal is, who the people are, if the council minds. It does seem like a little tucked-away part of Wellington…

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Acclaim for Bluey


Nearly four years ago, on my birthday, well, the day after my birthday, we were strolling around a fancy part of old London town, walking past cafes where Kiera Knightley is a regular and looking in the windows of fancy shops, all the while being warned off buying anything by our host…

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Spectated: The Vans Pro Skate Park Series St Kilda for Vice

I blogged the Vans competition for Vice Sports.

New Zealand holiday part 2

As promised, here are some more photos from our New Zealand adventure, but these ones were shot on my film camera. Ah, film. Ah, nostalgia. Ah, the good old days. Right?

This first photo was taken in the terminal for the Interislander – the ferry that runs back and forth over the Cook Strait between…

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New Zealand holiday part 1

We just got back from New Zealand, where we were on holiday for what seemed like ages. The jaunt centred around a week-long trip to Awaroa in the Abel Tasman national park with a few days on either side in Wellington, but when we were booking the tickets, we were like, ‘well, we may as well leave…

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The Guy Stokes Channel Xmas Bash

The Guy Stokes Channel Xmas Bash was the most enjoyable skate competition I’ve ever attended. Callum and Conna did a great job organising the event, which was held on Australia Day at the curbs on the south end of Edinburgh Gardens, and which seemed like a joke to begin with, but was actually really fun and exciting. There…

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