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Some Stories pre-order

I wrote some stories and put them together with some others that I already wrote, and realised I had enough for a (little) book. The cover I came up with was sort of funny, but in the end I asked Ed if he could do it. Not only did he come up with a great…

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Treetops and Bananaman

The two campervans are a permanent fixture to the Treetops carpark. They’re bigger than campervans, actually – they’re homes on wheels. I’ve seen the curtains move, so I know they’re inhabited. I wonder what the deal is, who the people are, if the council minds. It does seem like a little tucked-away part of Wellington…

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Here comes pain

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An interview with Illegal Civilization’s Mikey Alfred

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A Very Loving Taxonomy Of ABC’s ‘The Late Show’

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Right down the line

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Need any help?

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Acclaim for Bluey

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Nearly four years ago, on my birthday, well, the day after my birthday, we were strolling around a fancy part of old London town, walking past cafes where Kiera Knightley is a regular and looking in the windows of fancy shops, all the while being warned off buying anything by our host…

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Spectated: The Vans Pro Skate Park Series St Kilda for Vice

I blogged the Vans competition for Vice Sports.


Acclaim magazine #35

The new issue of Acclaim magazine looks really nice. I have a story in there about a poet who tried to sell me a bike.