Max Olijnyk

Tolaga Bay

I had driven grumpily the whole day. It all started at the playground in Wairoa, where Fred had fallen and squealed in terror as his skin fried on the gleaming hot metal floor of a merry-go-round and I just stood, useless, waiting for the stupid thing to rotate the whole way around so I could run into the…

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The green man

Walking up the hill from the river, I noticed a man standing off to the side of the carpark taking photos through a flower pot.

‘Hi,’ I said, and he waved back. He was dressed head to toe in olive green, with a black Midas cap.

Fred walked up to a big tree with a…

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Some Stories 4th edition

For the fourth reprint of my book, I decided to add a few more stories that cover our spell in Wellington, in 2016. I also changed the cover to an indigo blue. Collect them all!

You can buy one here.

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This is not a ramp for Broadsheet

‘The Lord Mayor has announced a decade-long “Skate Melbourne” plan and the sport is in the next Olympics. Whatever happened to “skate and destroy”?’

My Melbourne weekend

My Melbourne weekend from Max Olijnyk on Vimeo.


I spent the weekend skating and catching up with some dear friends in Melbourne.

Smith Journal volume 24

In this issue I spoke to the people behind the first 3D printers in space, interviewed the amazing Randy Newman and reviewed some strange products.

Ted Barrow interview for Acclaim

After weeks of prioritising his posts perhaps even over the welfare of my own child, I decided to get in touch with Ted, who works as an art historian and curator, and pick his brain a bit.

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Photos by Sloan Laurits

‘Some Stories’ review on The Lifted Brow

‘Reading Olijnyk talk about a day out skating was as interesting to me as reading many fantastical works of fiction. I suppose that’s because it’s really good writing.’

Rebecca Varcoe’s very nice review of my book is online at The Lifted Brow.

Treetops piece for Vice

Any street skater who’s visited Wellington will know and love Treetops. A handful of ledges on a crusty carpark on a hill above Newtown has evolved into a super-smooth, ever-changing DIY spot that is regulated and cared for by a dedicated bunch of locals.

Behind the scenes at Weta for Vice

‘…when the chance to write a behind-the-scenes Weta story came my way I put my hand up, no questions asked. When it turned into a press junket to promote the upcoming 20th Century Fox feature War for the Planet of the Apes I was fine with it. And when they booked me into a…

What else? with Jesse Noonan for Acclaim

In What else? I interview some of my favourite skaters about what they do when they’re not riding their skateboard. My next subject is skate coach Jesse Noonan.

Smith Journal volume 23

For this issue of SJ, I wrote an article about a guy who recorded the sound of katabatic winds in Antarctica. I also wrote some hilarious product reviews.